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Major Placement Rules (Session 2017-18):

  • There will be one person one job policy, irrespective of status of company/PPO/off campus.
  • Efforts will be made to first invite companies offering higher package. On the basis of package or profile, there will be no relaxation in this rule. Therefore, the students should be careful for the selection of a company.
  • Any student finally screened but waiting for declaration of result cannot sit for other companies. In case of time gap between the test of selected candidates and their final interview, if a candidate appears in between for any other company, he/she will lose claim for the previous company, if he/she gets selected in between.
  • Every student will be asked to fill up the mass database form for registration with details including %age/SGPA/CGPA/reappear (wherever applicable). The students are required to fill up the data carefully. Any student supplying wrong information may be debarred from the placement process at least for one semester.
  • The students should be careful while applying for placement process of a company. Any case of furnishing wrong information will not be tolerated. In case of reappear, student will have to indicate reappear, e.g. one reappear in a semester as "1(R)".
  • The students are required to bring the original documents for verification of data in the T&P Office.
  • The students are required to attend the PPT of a company in which they have registered for the placement process, otherwise attendance benefit will not be given.
  • No student is allowed to argue with company officials. Any complaint by a company official will be taken very seriously.
  • The students should be formally dressed in the T&P Cell.
  • The placement timings for girls will be as per Girls Hostel timings. The girls can be allowed beyond hostel timings only under compelling circumstances, in case the security to girl participants is ensured/provided.
  • The timings of T& P Cell shall remain from 9am to 10pm daily except Sundays/ holidays.


Guidelines for Students:

  • The students should continually check the T&P notice board and google group for update.
  • All the students should fill in the mass database form for registration with details for name, father’s name, roll no., branch, contact no., e-mail address, gender, category, DOB, hometown/address, 10th and 12th marks, graduation marks, and SGPA/CGPA/reappear in various semesters (for B. Tech - 1 to 5 initially, 6, 7 later) in the institute. All are required to fill up the data carefully.
  • The students should keep on updating semester results in mass database available with PCC members and T&P cell. The students must submit their semester results whenever the same is available. Students who do not do so, may not get chance to appear for a company due to non-availability of result.
  • Any student supplying wrong information may be debarred from the placement process at least for one semester.
  • The students should submit their applications within the deadline announced by PCC coordinator. Late submissions may not be entertained.
  • One should apply to an organization only if he/she is eligible and interested in taking up a job in the organization. No subsequent withdrawal of application shall be entertained.
  • The students are advised to go through the company website to get more insight about the company and judge their suitability for the job. Any queries must be clarified with the company officials during the company presentation only.
  • The students can clarify their doubts with either the student coordinator or placement officer.
  • The students are advised to report in time for PPT, written test and interview. Any late entry may not be allowed.
  • The students must present their identity proof before appearing for a company.
  • The students must carry their certificate file along with passport size photographs and a copy of their resume for the interview.
  • The students should be formally dressed while appearing for interview.
  • Every student appearing for the written test will have to compulsorily sign the attendance sheet. Shortlisting of candidates after the test will be done on the basis of attendance record. Also, the attendance benefit will be provided in accordance with the attendance record.
  • During the interview, no students except those shortlisted for the interview and the coordinating PCC member(s) put on duty, are allowed to be present in the T&P cell. The shortlisted candidates should wait in the waiting room for interview.
  • Any student found to have indulged in any kind of indiscipline during placement procedure may be debarred from the placement for the whole year.
  • The students should maintain silence in and around the T&P cell.
  • The students should maintain decorum and their activities should not disturb the functioning of various offices in the building especially during announcement of the placement result (no celebration and distribution of sweets/eatables).
  • The students should not argue with company officials; any complaint by company officials will be taken very seriously.
  • The student getting second job (if applicable) should inform one of the companies well in advance about surrendering their job offer as per requirement of the company.


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