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“School of Materials Science and Technology is a growing department of the Institute that aims to generate trained manpower in embarking field of materials technology through knowledge of Novel Synthesis Techniques, Advanced Characterization Tools, Carbon Nanomaterials, Nano-electronics, Bio-nanotechnology, MEMS & NEMS etc. ”


Dr. Ashavani Kumar

About the School of Materials Science and Technology

Considering the ever increasing scope of materials technology, the School of Materials Science and Technology (formerly Material Science and Nanotechnology) was established at NIT Kurukshetra in the year 2012. The curriculum is designed to allow students to acquire a broad range of fundamental knowledge in materials science, from organic materials to inorganic materials.

The School of Materials Science and Technology is a growing department of the institute which aims to cultivate the basics and technology aspects of materials engineering for potential applications. The department offers post-graduate program (M.Tech.) and doctor of philosophy degree (Ph.D.) spanning theoretical, computational and experimental materials technology. The school also contributes in teaching undergraduate (B.Tech.) students during first year from all disciplines.

The M. Tech. programme in Materials Science and Technology is a four semester programme that aims to develop and utilise technology of materials engineering including nanotechnology for innovative academic and research development in materials science. The school has well equipped research laboratories equipped with sophisticated equipments/techniques such as Micro Analytical Balance, Digital Weighting Machine, Magnetic Starrier, Hot Air Oven, Stainless Steel Auto Clave, Muffle Furnace, FTIR Spectrometer, Thermal Evaporation System, LCZ Meter, Four Probe Electrical Resistivity Measurement Set-up (RT to 150 oC), COMSOL Multiphysics Simulation Software etc.



Present Courses:

Postgraduate Course

The school is offering four semesters M. Tech. competitive graduate program with an annual intake of 20 students at the forefront of materials science and technology programme. Two semesters of 36 academic credit points and two semesters for dissertation work leading to the degrees of Masters. The programme provides education and training in the science and technology of different classes of materials that include: magnetic, optoelectronic, polymers/colloids, nano-materials and bio-materials. Since the materials science is an interdisciplinary fields with need of man-power and research personnel in the thrust areas of materials technology in the present scenario, this course have been designed to meet such targets as above and to prepare the students to keep abreast with new & emerging technologies.

Ph.D. & Research Program

The School has started Ph. D. program in different areas to keep synergy with the evolving innovations and developments in various fields of Materials Science and Technology. The school is engaged in a wide range of research activities that span hard and soft matter, from polymer and colloid science, to materials chemistry, optoelectronics, magnetic materials, computational materials science, and biomaterials.  Inter-disciplinary research is always emphasized. The School of Materials Science and technology is also associated with the Department of Physics at both academic and research levels and all the facilities available at the Department of Physics, for advance research. The school also collaborates with CSIR-CSIO (Chandigarh), AMPRI (Bhopal), NPL (New Delhi) and DRDO labs for their research program.

At present, six full-time research scholars are perusing their Ph. D. work.


Training and Conference Activity

School is regularly organising Short Term courses to educate the young minds and discuss the frontline research activity in the field of Materials Science.

NIT Kurukshetra is one of the premier technical institutes of the country. Founded in 1963 as Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra, the institute was rechristened as National Institute of Technology on June 26, 2002.