National Institute Of Technology,Kurukshetra



Name : Ankit Kumar Jain
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : PhD (NIT Kurukshetra)
Current Address :

Room number- 208, Computer Engineering Department, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra


Phone 1 (office) : 01744-233489
Phone 2 (office) :
Email :,

Area Of Intrest :

Cyber and Web Security, Mobile Security, IoT Security, Machine Learning, DDoS Detection, Online Social Networks Analysis, 



Experience :

  • Teaching- 9+ Years


Previous Activities

1. Call for Papers:  International Conference on Paradigms of Communication, Computing and Data Sciences (PCCDS-2021) at NIT Kurukshetra ( 07 May 2021 to 09 May 2021)

2. Call for Book Chapters: Machine Learning Techniques for Pattern Recognition and Information Security

3. Call for Participation: One Week STC On Pattern Recognition and CyberSecurity Applications (05.09.2019--09.09.2019)

4. Call for Papers:  Special Session on Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning: Innovations, Applications and Challenges

Other :

Ph.D Thesis Supervised:

  • Ongoing- 02

M.Tech Thesis Supervised:

  • Completed- 13
  • Ongoing- 03

Academics and Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Member of MTech(Computer Engineering) Syllabi & Scheme Revision committee.
  • Member of  MTech(Cyber Security) Syllabi design committee.
  • Deputy centre superintendent examination in may 2017.


Google Scholar:


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