National Institute Of Technology,Kurukshetra

Biography OF Rishi Pal Chauhan

Prof. R.P.Chauhan received his M.Sc. (Physics) degree in 1984 and M.Phil (Physics) in 1985 from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from KUK in 2002 working as a UGC FIP fellow at NIT Kurukshetra (2000-2002) in the area of “Radiation Exposure and Protection Studies”.

He served as a lecturer in Physics at University College Kurukshetra from 1985-1987 and at IG National College Ladwa (Kurukshetra) from 1987-2008. He joined the Department of Physics, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra in 2008, Presently he is working as Professor & Head of Physics. He had worked as Prof. Incharge results & Secrecy (2011-14), Member BOG (2012-13), Controller of examinations (2014-2016), Co-Coordinator School of Biomedical Engg. (2013-2017), Chief-Warden Boy’s Hostels (2017-2019).

His areas of research interest are:

  • Radiation Physics: Radiation Hazards and Mitigation Techniques, Radiation shielding materials, Radioactivity measurements using SSNTDs, CFD Modeling.
  • Nanotechnology: Radiation-Induced material modifications,1D & 2D Nanomaterials, II-VI Semiconductor compound for sensing applications.
  • Bio-nanomaterials for antimicrobial and drug delivery applications

He has supervised 15 Ph.D. scholars with 210 Journal and about 50 Conference papers. He has completed 10 Sponsored Projects and filed 2 Patents. He is contributing as Reviewer/Author to a number of SCI/Scopus Journals/Conferences.

Also, he is Life Member of INTS (International Nuclear Track Society), VBH (Vigyan Bharti, Haryana), NTSI (Nuclear Track Society of India), ISSTW (Intellectuals Society for Socio-Techno Welfare), ISRB (Indian Society for Radiation Biology), IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers), ISCA (Indian Science Congress Association), RADNET (Radiation Awareness and Detection in Natural Environment), IAAPC (Indian Association for Air Pollution Control). Presently working as President INTS & NTSI.